Kahauanu Lake, also know as Uncle "K", passed away on Sunday, March 6 at the age of 79. A Hawaiian musician, whose career spanned over 60 years, was the leader of the Kahauanu Lake Trio. The trio consisted of Kahauanu, his brother Tommy Lake (decease), and Al Machida (the last surviving member of the group).

Beginning in the late 1950's, Lake's "swing jazz" style of Hawaiian music was prominently seen in Waikiki for over forty years is such venues as the Halekulani's House With Out A Key, the Royal Hawaiian Surf Room and the Kaimana Beach Hotel. The first to feature the ukulele as the lead instrument, Unlce K's left hand style of playing and his unique strumming/plucking made him a master virtuoso of the ukulele. He recorded six albums during his lifetime; each one a cherished possession and a collector’s item for their detailed liner notes by Kini Sullivan, the detailed arrangements and the tight harmony the group was noted for.

Lake's collaboration with kumu hula Maiki Aiu Lake; who married Kahauanu in 1972, created signature pieces such as Pua `Ahihi, Pua Lililehua and the hapa-haole classic Maile Lei. Together they inspired a new generation of hula practitioners and musicians who can claim to have been part of this duo's talented achievements. Uncle K, was one of the founder of the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame and Saint Louis School's Hui Na Opi'o (before he turned it over to his cousin Keola Lake). He shared his musical talents and help launch the careers of other Hawaiian artists such as George Helm in the early 1970's. He also put together groups such as Kuliaikanu`u and the Kahauanu Lake Singers. Today, Lake's music continues to inspire hula dancers and musicians with his group's recordings.

In 2005, the group came together for the last time in a concert at Honolulu Hale and was inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame. Then Mayor Mufi Hannemann described the group as follows: "No other group in the history of Hawaiian music has endured the test of time; as the music of the Kahauanu Lake Trio is ageless and still very much in demand in Hawai'i and all over the world." Uncle K's last public performance was in 2009 in a four-island concert tour sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts. The concert tour was produced by Kumu Hula Michael Pili Pang and included Lake's musical achievements along with the choreography of his wife.

Although Lake has no biological children, his hanai children are: George Helm (decease), Gordon (Janice) Umi Kai, Walter Kawaiae'a, Luana Kawaiae'a, and Michael Pili Pang; numerous nieces and nephews from his brother Tommy Lake, sister Nani Chang and cousin Keola Lake.

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Kahauanu Lake, born in Wailuku Maui died on March 6, 2011 at the age of 79. He was a proud Hawaiian Scholar, Historian, Composer and Musician of unsurpassed talent.

Kahauanu is survived by the descendants of Tommy Lake (brother - deceased) and Nani Howell (sister - deceased), along with extended family members descendant from Charles and Mary Lake of Maui, and Stephen and Helen Parker-Waipa of Honolulu. Also surviving, Rosina "Sister" Bush, lifelong and true friend along with many others too numerous to mention.

Close to his heart were his Na Hanai, Gordon Umi Kai, Walter H Kawai'ae'a Jr., Luana L. Kawai'ae'a, George Helm and Michael "Pili" Pang.

A Celebration of his life will be held at St. Augustine Church in Waikiki, Thursday, March 24th starting at 5pm with Mass at 7pm

His love for flower leis were as great as his love for music.

I hope this helps you in making arrangements to join family and friends in remembering and celebrating the life of this Musical and Cultural Icon, Kahauanu Lake.

A hui hou,
Walter, Luana and Family

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